There’s one girl playing tackle football in Oregon City, and she’s good

At the start of every football season, Sarah Clasen has the same conversation with parents in the stands. “Is that your daughter playing?” “Yes.” “I didn’t know girls could play.” They can — and her daughter, Sophia, does. Quite well, in fact. Sophia, 12, just finished her fifth year of tackle football. For all five years, she’s been the only girl playing tackle in the Oregon City Youth Football Association, and one of only a few dozen girls among the roughly

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New EarBurner Podcast: Odessa Jenkins Wants You To Take Women’s Tackle Football Seriously

You may ask why it’s necessary to add a gender qualifier to tackle football. This is football, after all, …

Players of the Maine Mayem, all women’s football team, say the game is just as much mental as it is physical. (Molly Lovell-Keely photo)

Female football promises to be tough, intense

SOUTHERN MAINE – The NFL season may be over, but the state’s only full contact women’s football team is …


Jen Welter Is the Feminist Hero Football Needs

Football is not particularly welcoming to women. Of course, to Jen Welter—the Atlanta Legends’ defensive specialist coach, not to …

Photo by Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Watch: 49ers offensive assistant Katie Sowers coaches ’em up at the Senior Bowl

Remember in October, 2017 when Panthers quarterback Cam Newton told reporter Jordan Rodrigue of the Charlotte Observer that “It’s funny to …

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Palestine Junior High School eighth-grader Stephanie Molina is shown with her family following the 'Cats game at Van. (Photo by Vanessa Goodwyn)

Football: “The Gridiron Girls”

Fans at Palestine Junior High football games can’t help but notice the long ponytails that two of the players …

Boca Raton linebacker Hannah Pratt (30) records a tackle against Spanish River running back Sam Burton (5).

Female linebacker makes history for Boca Raton in victory

In the last minute of Boca Raton’s 14-6 win over Spanish River Monday night, coach Eric Davis sent his …


Newark girls tackle football and one of them makes histor

Deanna Guzman was looking to have a memorable senior year at Newark Collegiate Academy. No girl had ever made …


Meet Tess, Medford High’s only female football player

Medford Tech senior Tess Mauro just joined the varsity football team as the only female player. Though Tess Mauro …


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