GIQ Chalk Talk with Evonnie Ramos

Tori Vonder Heide, Gridiron Queendom

The GIQ Chalk Talk series is a living archive that highlights the accomplishments and struggles of women and girls who are blazing trails in the sport of American football.

This episode features 16 year-old linewoman, Evonnie Ramos, who is making her presence felt as both left guard and nose guard on her high school team. The interview is conducted by GIQ Correspondent, Tori Vonder Heide.

Highlights are listed below, but listen to the full interview to get the scoop!

Height: 6’0” Hometown: Texas
Height: 191 lbs. Favorite men’s team: Dallas Cowboys
Position: LG & NG Favorite male player: Jason Witten
Jersey: #58 Interesting unknown fact: Evonnie loves to sing and hopes to participate in the show the voice next year.

Tori Vonder Heide is a senior at Loyola University Chicago, majoring in Communication Studies. Currently working with Gridiron Queendom as a Social Media and Content Management Intern, using her love for sports and empowering women as an asset. She also works at Loyola University Chicago Campus Safety as a Special Assistant and Interns at Society Information Management Chicago.

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