Casio’s OmniSync STB1000 an Ideal Sports Watch!

To make exercising more comfortable and enjoyable, the STB1000 allows wearers to operate their iPhone’s music player without having to physically access the device. Wearers can easily play or stop songs using the watch buttons, while also adjusting the volume or advancing a track. The STB1000 is compatible with four fitness apps: Abvio®’s Runmeter, Walkmeter, […]

Women May Have Harder Concussion Recovery than Men

After a concussion, women tend to have worse symptoms than men. That’s the case even when athletes were injured playing the same sport, according to a new study of young soccer players. Some recent studies have found gender differences in memory and other symptoms after concussions, with women generally doing worse. The new results support […]

Sociologist Examines the Challenges of Women in Professional Football

Women playing full-contact tackle football face challenges beyond the playing field — yet there’s little research about this niche in athletics. Jennifer Carter, a University of Cincinnati doctoral student in the UC Department of Sociology, presented her research on body maintenance in women’s professional football at the 107th Annual Meeting of the American Sociological Association. […]

Why Birth Control Pills Help a Concussion + Why You Should Care

The recently published study, ‘Menstrual Phase as Predictor of Outcome After mTBI in Women’ is so exciting because this study goes a step beyond confirming that women’s concussions are different than men’s. This research explored why in detail the differences occur within the subset of women themselves compared to men’s experience of concussion. The authors of the […]